Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011

Binatang yang dimumikan selama ribuan tahun

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Baboon harbors a secret that helps identify it as a pet: An x-ray revealed missing canine teeth, probably removed to keep the creature from nipping royal fingers.

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A queen’s pet gazelle was readied for eternity with the same lavish care as a member of the royal family. In fine, blue-trimmed bandages and a custom-made wooden coffin, it accompanied its owner to the grave in about 945 B.C. Egyptian Museum, Cairo.

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Lovingly preserved, a hunting dog whose bandages fell off long ago likely belonged to a pharaoh. As a royal pet, it “would have been fed nibbly bits and spoiled rotten,” says Salima Ikram. When it died, it was interred in a specially prepared tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

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A raptor with an appliqu├ęd face holds only a few bones.

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Votive mummies, each buried with a prayer, are infinitely varied but not always what they seem. A cunning crocodile is a fake—it has nothing inside.

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